There is significant amount of heat loss during winter if single glass is used in the windows. Insulating glass unit is developed in order to resolve negative effects of single glass insulation. In terms of insulation, insulating glass application had started in 1974, under the leadership of TRAKYA CAM, and was presented to the market with brand ISICAM. TRAKYA CAM’s own facilities.

ISICAM is produced at Trakya Cam’s own facilities and at 155 ISICAM authorized manufacturers which are regularly inspected.

Isıcam decreases heat loss %50 compared to single glass. Low-e coated glass is developed in order to increase inculation, save more energy and to pass beyond. Trakya Cam supplies heat control coated insulating glass unit under the brand name Isıcam Sinerji to the market. ISICAM SINERJI decreases heat loss by %50 compared to standard insulating units, thanks to the heat control feature. By this way, the energy spent in order to heat reduced and saving in heating costs is provided. In Turkey, where four seasons are lived at the same time, it is important to protect from cold during winter. The brand name of the coated insulating glass unit that provides sun and heat control of Trakya Cam is called ISICAM KONFOR. It provides savings in cooling casts during summer and heating casts during winter with reducing heat loss by also and solar input by %40.

As a result the but heat insulation at insulating glass units is achieved through,

  • Usage of Isıcam Sinerji, Isıcam Sinerji 3+, Isıcam Konfor or Isıcam Konfor 3+
  • The spacer with between two glasses should be minimum 16 mm
  • The airspace between the glasses should be filled with argon
The increase in glass thickness doesn’t contribute to the heat insulation, but glass should be thicker as the are covered by the glass gets bigger.

Energy Performance Buildings Directive is implemented through the energy efficiency law for better insulation performance and to achieve energy saving.

The directive takes TS 825 standards of heat insulation as reference for building materials insulation valves and calculation methods.

TS 825 heat insulation standard pules evaluate glazing in two separate groups.

  • Classic window glazing

The heat insulation valve (window) is recommended to be 2,4 w/w2K for the whole window unit (window + glass) in our country for four regions.

In order to reach the desired insulating valves the glass used in a standard window should be heat control coated (Isıcam Sinerji) or sun and heat control coated (Isıcam Konfor)

The related products at the construction wit analysis which are published by the Environment and Urban Ministry;

  • Heat control coated insulating glass (Isıcam Sinerji) Pose no:Y.28.645/C21-C30
  • Sun and heat control coated insulating glass (Isıcam Konfor) Pose no:Y.28.645/C41-C52
  • Curtain Wall glazing

The related standard suggests the heat insulation value to be lower than 2,1 W/m2 K at a curtain wall glazing system in case of a building coated with glass more than %60.

Tempered, colored and reflective coated type of glasses are used on the outer surface of the insulating glass units at the curtain wall system of the building in order to overcome heat, sun radiation control and security problems. In order to achieve the thermal insulation value specified at the standard the glass used at the inner part of the insulating glass at the curtain wall glazing system. In order to achieve the standard the thermal insulation valve specified at the standard the glass used on the inner part of the insulating glass of the curtain wall glazing should be thermal control coated (LOW-E)

To contribute to future external shocks and protect life and property against attacks tempering and laminating processes applied to glass reduces the risk of injury and breaking, helps glass to gain safety and security features.

Tempered glass is approximately 5 times more impact resistant than plain glass. Tempered glass is suitable for use as safety glass, because it is divided in to small and not sharp pieces when broken and reduces the risk of injury. TRC Duracam is the trademark of TRAKYA CAM’s tempered glass.

Laminated glass is produced by combination of two or more sheet of glass under heat and pressure with the help of PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) interlayers TRC Lameks is the trademark of TRAKYA CAM’s laminated glass.

Laminated glass,

  • Reduces the risk of in Jury in case of breakage holding parts in place.
  • Presents and delays the unwanted transitions from one side to the other.

Laminated glass is used at windows, roof-ceiling windows, railings, interior panels, museums, banks, hospitals (especially psychiatric clinics), police stations and military institutions and sports complexes where activity is intense.

Noise control glasses reduce the input space noise that threatens the human health.

Usage of different thicknesses or laminated glass on one of the sides of insulating glass units reduces noise from cute ring the interior. There is a need to use TRAKYA CAM’s specially developed product, acoustic laminated glass in high ambient noise levels for more effective sound insulation. Noise control performance at the windows can be increased by using acoustic laminated glass at the insulating glass units. Glass thickness and combination should be chosen according to the strength and type of the noise.

Laminated glass is produced by combination of two sheets of glass under heat and pressure with a sound absorbing inter…. It is necessary to make measures not only at the glasses but also at the wall, at the roof and at the window units for effective noise insulation.

Isıcam has 10 YEAR guarantee starting from the date of production against interspace evaporation and malfunction which result from incorrect production and manufacturing errors.

Grid, jalousie, evrued and so on insulating glass units are not covered by the warranty and Isıcam Authorized Producer is responsible for the possible problems.

Usage of Isıcam anywhere but the window units any kind of breakage of glass and waters other than written there are not covered of the warranty.

Browstar circle double glass effect, coloration of insulating glass units produced with tempered glass ( leopard spots) optical fluctuations in images resulted by the differences in thermal and barometric conditions outer surface sweating which occurs due to the atmospheric conditions seem in the insulating glass units are considered as usual conditions, but not as an error.

Warranties related to deterioration, resulting from errors made during installation, is the responsibility of the company engaged in the installation.

Evaporation between two glass sheets is on error that ends the ability of insulating glass unit which is resulted by manufacturing or installation mistakes. The Isıcam unit is replaced in such a situation under warranty.

As indicated in the European and Turkish standards sweating at the inner surface of Isıcam during winter (room-facing side) is a natural event which occurs by coming together of certain physical conditions. Change in physical conditions eliminate problems are usually more annoying in unventilated conditions.

The most important source moisture in building are bathroom, kitchen, laundry dried inside. Also flowers inside the buildings, aquariums and smokeless liquid gas stoves are among the most important source of moisture.

PCV window units which have better seal compared to wood and single glass window units, completely to cut off circulation in rooms with ambient air. The airtight paints used in painting and white washing the walls are causing perspiration to start early and acting as a carrier to increased moisture in the room to escape.

Also in door humidity will be greater than normal at the new buildings, because at the average amount water being released during drying.

Measures to be taken against perspiration. The possibility of perspiration decreases when Isıcam Sinerji and Isıcam Konfor are used.

The moisture level can be decreased by ventilating bathroom, kitchen, laundry drying area…etc. Where moisture levels are higher relatively.

Ventilation should be more often where lıquid gas stove and catalytic type heaters are need, which would lead to the formations of excess water vapor.

Ventilation should be wire often if there is an aquarium or large quantities of flowers at the house.

When high quality window units are used because they have very good sealing prevent leakage of air and thus providing a better thermal insulation, window built in ventilation units and or opening the window periodically to benefit from systemic ventilation should be used end or done.

Low-e coated surface an Isıcam Sinerji and Isıcam Konfor reflects the lighter flame red or pink while the other 3 an coated surfaces reflects yellowish flame .4 flames are seen the same color if there are no coatings

Preference of Isıcam Sinerji and Isıcam Konfor carries a kind of investment property for the benefits to be derived in the future. The extra İnvestment spent in the first stage for Isıcam Sinerji is recovered in 1-2 years with to savings to be achieved in energy cost and forth remaining life of the building, earnings continue to be provided.

Air conditioning investment cost saving can be achieved by distaining a tower holding capacity of the air conditioner facilities at the building where Isıcam Konfor is used. The initial investment payback period is 1-2 years in addition with the energy saving cost.

Abrasive material like knife, hard surface sponge, metal, and chemical…exc. Which will cause scratches on the glass surface permanently should not be used for cleaning Isıcam Sinerji and Isıcam Konfor.
Within the Isıcam Sinerji and Isıcam Konfor products are specially coated glass in the factory environment. Coating cannot be applied to existing windows. Therefore the current insulating glass units must be replaced with Isıcam Sinerji and Isıcam Konfor.
Isıcam Sinerji and Isıcam Konfor can be applied with the save dimensions and appropriate combinations by removing the insulating glass units without …………..the windows…
Isıcam Sinerji and Isıcam Konfor should be used with insulated frames and they are applicable to all kinds of frames, with insulating glass unit assembly principles, such as wood, pvc and aluminum.