TRC Helio Clear

  • TRC Helio clear® is the trademark of the clear glass of Trakya Cam.
  • Trakya Cam high quality float glass production is based on float technology.
  • Float glass is manufactured by “floating” the molten glass on molten tin.
  • TRC Helio clear® has high light transmittance due to its transparency.
  • TRC Helio clear®, as a basic product for all glazing purposes, offers solutions for various sectors including construction, automotive, home appliances, furniture, energy and agriculture trough the application of one or more of the following processes:

double glazing,
heat strengthening,
making into mirror.

Thickness and Sizes

Kalınlık(mm) Standart Ebatlar(mm) Kalınlık Toleransı(mm)
3 3210x2000 3210x2100 3210x2250 3210x2500 3210x6000 ± 0.2
4 3210x2000 3210x2100 3210x2250 3210x2500 3210x6000 ± 0.2
5 3210x2000 3210x2100 3210x2250 3210x2500 3210x6000 ± 0.2
6 3210x2000 3210x2100 3210x2250 3210x2500 3210x6000 ± 0.2
8 3210x2250 3210x2550 3210x6000 ± 0.3
10 3210x6000 3210x2250 3210x2550 3210x6000 ± 0.3
12 3210x2250 3210x2550 3210x6000 ± 0.3

*The tolerances on nominal sizes are ± 5 mm.
* In addition to above data for other thickness and size requests, please contact Erciyes Cam.

TRC Helio clear® can be cut to sizes required and secondary processes such as edge working, bending, toughening, heat strengthening, laminating, coating, double glazingand making intomirror can be applied to ensure additional functions:

– safety & security
– heat control
– solar control
– heat and solar control
– decoration
– noise control

Float glass is the basic product for construction, decoration, automotive, home appliances, agriculture and energy sectors.

TRC Helio clear® is manufactured in accordance with
◦EN 572-2 Glass in Building- Basic Soda Lime Silicate Glass Products – Part 2: Float glass and,

◦ISO-9001 Quality Management System and ISO-14001 Quality Environmental Management System .