Acoustic Lameks


•Noise Control Glasses attenuate the outside noise, which is a danger for human health. Transforming high level of outside noise into the tranquility of a library is possible with the Noise Control Glass along with wall, roof and frame having sound insulation properties.

•The practical means of controlling noise is to increase glass thickness. In addition, using different thickness of glasses or using one of the glasses as Lameks® inIsıcam® insulating glass units contribute to noise control, too.

•Acoustic laminated glass of Trakya Cam offers better sound insulation for places where there is excessively high levels of noise.

Acoustic laminated glass can be used as single glazing or in insulating glass unit to improve sound insulation performance of a window. Acoustic laminated glass consists of two panes of glass joined together through a sound absorbing interlayer under heat and pressure.