◦TRC Flotal® is the trademark of mirror of Trakya Cam.

◦TRC Flotal® is an ideal product for interior design. Due to its reflectivity, it enhances the interior spaces by illuminating and enlarging.

◦Integrating with contemporary architecture, TRC Flotal® offers aesthetics, light and spaciousness to interior applications. When used creatively it provides a new perspective to tight and awkwardly shaped rooms.

◦Float glass of Trakya Cam is converted to Flotal® by using the world’s most advanced technology. Float glass is washed, polished, silver coated, copper coated, two layers painted and dried at the full automatic mirror production line to produceTRC Flotal®.

◦TRC Flotal® is available in clear, bronze, gray, blue and green.

TRC Flotal extra clear is the trademark of low iron mirror of Trakya Cam.

Thickness and Sizes

Product Thickness(mm) Standard Sizes(mm) Tolerans the Thickness(mm)
TRC Flotal® Clear 3.0 2500x1605 3210x2100 3210x2250 3210x2500 ± 0.2
TRC Flotal® Clear 4.0 2500x1605 3210x2100 3210x2250 3210x2500 ± 0.2
TRC Flotal Clear 5.0 3210x2500 ± 0.2
TRC Flotal Clear 6.0 3210x2500 ± 0.2

*The tolerances on nominal sizes are ± 5 mm.

TRC Flotal® is an ideal choice for interior applications for making small rooms seem larger, brighter, higher and deeper.

Offering perspective and a new dimension to interior spaces, it is intended for applications in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, stores, sport centers, exhibition centers and kindergartens.

TRC Flotal® is produced in accordance with EN 1036-1 Glass in building – Mirrors from silver – coated float glass for internal use