Classic Isıcam

Standard insulating glass unit

◦Classic Isıcam® comprising two panes of clear float glass decreases heat loss by 50 % when compared with single glazing and contributes to energy saving.

◦Classic Isıcam® insulating glass units are produced in the plants of licensed Classic Isıcam® producers which are audited regularly by Trakya Cam.


Isıcam® is produced with the approved materials by Trakya Cam in accordance with EN 1279 Glass in building – Insulating glass units.


◦Isıcam® insulating glass units are warranted for a period of 10 years from the date of production against production failures and also against condensation and material obstruction in the cavity due to production failures.

◦The warranty excludes:

◦any insulating glass units with Georgian bar, Venetian blinds, and

◦any insulating glass units incorporating bent glasses as well,

however the related licensed Isıcam® producer of Trakya Cam is responsible for the production failures.

◦The warranty excludes:

◦any intended application or use other than installing to windows

◦any glass breakage from any cause

◦any other subject not mentioned or implied here.

◦Below mentioned subjects are related to Isıcam® insulating glass units, and are not defined as a failure:

◦interference coloration (Brewster’s fringes),

◦double glazing effect,

◦coloration due to toughening process (Leopard spots),

◦optical distortion (roller wave),

◦glass deflections due to temperature and pressure changes,

◦condensation on the outer surface of the insulating glass unit

◦The warranty excludes installation on site. The company undertaking installation is responsible for the installation failures.

◦Isıcam® spandrels, overhead glazings, structural glazings and applications beyond -300C and +800C temperatures of glass surface are special cases, which are subject to related manufacturing company preview and written approval before any warranties can be assumed.

◦The warranty excludes the bonding of Isıcam® insulating glass units to structural glazing system.