• TRC Lameks® is the trademark of laminated glass of Trakya Cam.
  • Produced by combining two or more panes of glass with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer(s).
  • When broken tends to keep splinters in place therefore minimizing the risks of injury caused by broken glass.
  • Besides preventing injuries related to accidental impact, TRC Lameks® can be used to protect people and goods against external manual attacks with such tools as stone and stick. Laminated safety glasses prevent or slow down break-ins depending on the thickness of PVB and glass and the extent of the attack.
  • Provides noise control.
  • UV radiation, which causes fabrics to fade, can be reduced up to 97% by using
    TRC Lameks®.
  • Can be incorporated into insulating glass unit.
  • Impact and manual attack resistance of TRC Lameks® differs regarding not only to the thickness of glass panes and PVB interlayers, but also the number of panes and PVB interlayers. For determination of impact resistance according to EN 12600 and manual attack resistance according to EN 356 please refer to CE marking declaration of performances.

TRC Lameks extra clear is the trademark of low iron laminated glass of Trakya Cam.

Thickness and Sizes

Product PVB Thickness(mm) Glass Thickness(mm) Standard Sizes(mm) Toleranca on Thickness(mm)
0.38 3+3 3210x6000 ± 0.4
0.38 / 0.76 4+4 3210x6000 ± 0.4
Clear 0.38 / 0.76 5+5 3210x6000 ± 0.4
0.38 / 0.76 6+6 3210x6000 ± 0.4
(milky translucent) 0.38 4+4 3210x6000 ± 0.4

Tolerance on size, =< 8 mm +5, -3; 8-10 mm +6, -4; 10 mm > +8, -6

  • Standard TRC Lameks® is available with clear or opaque PVB interlayer.
  • TRC Lameks® can be produced by combining different colors and thicknesses of glass and PVB interlayer to meet special requirements.


TRC Lameks® is suitable for applications where the protection of people and goods isrequired.
The breakage of glass will be dangerous especially in critical locations such as:
Glazing up to 80 cm above floor level.
Glazing from floor level to ceiling (without any frame in between).
Glazing in doors and glazing adjacent to doors as well.
Overhead glazing.

External and internal applications including;

  • Shop window
  • Over head glazing
  • Canopies
  • Balustrades
  • Internal partitions
  • Passageways with busy pedestrian traffic
  • Museums
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Facilities
  • Sport centers